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Our Purpose


We help you raise profits, increase efficiency and build better relationships with your clients.



By delivering successful CRM implementation using powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE platform.

What is a succesful CRM implementation?


Successful CRM implementation answers your most pressing business needs and challenges, has clear benefits for you, gives you business insights and helps you provide better experience for your clients/customers.

It is completely tailored to your organisation - it is exactly what you need and when you need it.

Also, one of the most important parts of CRM system is user adoption - that's why we design systems your users will love to use (and you will love the insights you are getting).

Benefits of CRM

Depending on the type of your organisation, CRM can  increase sales, lower costs,  prevent loss of regular clients and much more. When done right it encompasses your whole organisation and brings Sales, Marketing, Service and other departments together.

Also, CRM gives you a complete overview of your clients and other relationships, which includes:

  • All interactions you have with your client - everything from a first call through sales cycle to post sale care and support

  • Cient's relationship with other companies

  • Client's activities on social networks

CRM retains this important knowledge in your company when people leave, switch roles etc.

How we get there -  Best of both worlds


When dealing with large companies and partners you're often not sure who's in charge, often dealing with different people in different stages, people leaving in the middle of the project etc.

That's why we believe in personal touch and building long term relationships. When working with us you will get a dedicated expert consultant who will be there during the whole project cycle  (and beyond), on a same level you would get from an freelance consultant.

The consultant will completely understand your business processes, issues you are facing and your CRM needs.  

Our Project management and Development team will back the consultant to deliver complex solutions quickly and with high quality.

Also, we will provide your staff with quality training ensuring great user adoption.

After the project delivery we will stay with you for continuing support and enhancements. Whenever your business changes and evolves, we will keep your system updated to meet the new requirements.


Is Dynamics CRM suitable for my comapny?


Dynamics CRM is incredibly flexible and fits well into any industry. We've delivered projects for:

  • Financial organisations

  • Healthcare supply chains

  • Car dealerships

  • Marketing agencies

  • Hotels

  • Insurance companies

Because of special license pricing for non profits Dynamics CRM is also very suitable for charities and similar organisations.

Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE here.



Free Consultation!

Contact us for an hour of free CRM Consultation, CRM Demo or Training!


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