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Microsoft is our main partner, we base all of our solutions on Micrsoft Dynamics CRM.


Dynamics CRM platform provides baseline Sales, Marketing and Service modules, and powerful customisation features that makes the platform suitable for virtually any industry.






We partnered with Resco to give your CRM complete mobility.Resco gives full mobile access to your Dynamics CRM deployment, including iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

In addition, Resco provides complete offline capability, which is important for some of our clients (for example Pharmaceutical and Medical companies who have staff operating in hospitals which often prohibit use of 3G or wifi).



We partnered with ClickDimensions to give your CRM complete Email Mareting functionality and Marketing Automation.

ClickDimension solution provides Email Marketing, Web TRacking, Lead Scoring, Campaign Tracking, Marketing Analytics, Event management and more.



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