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Clients and Solutions

Accountancy, Employment services and NHS Trust support


CRM solution key points:


  • Complete Sales cycle

  • NHS Trusts management

  • Comlete Marketing automation & tracking 

  • Mobile Solution

  • ERP Integration


Fiancial & Business Consultancy, Financial compliance and services


CRM solution key points:


  • Complete Sales process

  • Mobile solution, Contract management

  • Service delivery (FCA applications, Audits, etc), Payments and finance,

  • Resource management

  • Customer care    

  • Reporting for complete insight into a customer and customer interactions




Land Rover car dealership and importer Croatia







UK’s strategic body for skills in the science industries, led by sector employers.


CRM solution key points:


  • Sales management with Product, Customer and Provider management 

  • Learning plans (Apprenticeships, Qualifications, Competencies)

  • Learner tracking

  • Learning providers management

International healthcare services company


CRM solution key points:


  • Sales management and measurement

  • Big Pharma relations management

  • HSE relations, vaccine distribution & tracking

  • Service delivery

  • Mobile Service Engineer solution for servicing Hospital equipment 

  • Fax Integration

  • ERP Integration (Awards system)


Healthcare service provider, specialising in Direct to Patient Services and Home Therapy & Logistical Solutions


CRM solution key points:


  • Pharmaceutical products distribution & Program tracking

  • Patient tracking   

  • ERP integration (Sage) 



Marketing Agency



Home Loans, mortgages and finance


CRM solution key points:


  • Sales (Broker Sales, Commercial and Direct Sales)

  • Loan origination

  • Loan Servicing

  • Front end portal integration with CRM

  • Backoffice integration

Integrated IT solutions and managed services


CRM solution key points:


  • Sales and Service management

  • Order Management

  • In-depth report

Remisens Hotels


Hotel chain - hospitality and event management




Hospitality and event management




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